On a daily basis, a team of skilled professionals, supported by reliable labs, carry out strict checks.

The chemical, microbiological and organoleptic tests ensure full compliance with “Venchiaredo Control and Quality Assurance Plan”, throughout the whole production chain. In recognition of this strong commitment, Venchiaredo has chosen to operate in full transparency through voluntary certifications:

International food standard (IFS)

The IFS is one of the most prominent standards in Europe for qualifying large-scale suppliers with the goal of ensuring that products are processed in compliance with the applicable food safety requirements.

Logo IFS

Cheese production from organic farming

The certification issued by ICEA, the control body for organic farming, grants the compliance with the requirements set out by EC Regulation 834/2007 concerning organic production.

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A.Qu.A seal

Italian acronym for Agriculture, Quality and Environment, A.Qu.A is the voluntary and collective seal of quality of Friuli Venezia Giulia, established in compliance with Regional Law No. 21/2002 and managed by ERSA (Regional Agency for Rural Development). The A.Qu.A certification is based on the Regulations governing the use of the trademark (ERSA Directorate General Decree No. 138/2012 and FVG Regional Council Resolution No. 1745/2012) and on the Technical Production Specifications, which associate organisations must meet.


ISO 14001 environmental certification

It is a useful tool to sustainable assessment of environmental issues. It offers a systematic overview to integrate practices to protect the environment, to prevent pollution, to reduce the footprint of waste and the energy and material consumption.


Venchiaredo established a company Policy for Quality and Environmental Protection, defining the governing basic principles and generalities. The Policy for Quality and Environmental Protection describes the goals and commitments to quality and environment taken by Venchiaredo when considering the needs and the expectations of its customers and all the stakeholders and in defining the activities and the goals of the Company.
Environmental & Quality Policy

The awardsVenchiaredo has always been a virtuous company, whose innovation capacity is based on a company culture open to new ideas. Such sharing features and the curiosity towards new strategies and solutions enabled the company to obtain various and important awards over the years:

the special award Packaging
Oscar from CONAI
for plastic packaging
the award American Friendly


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