Venchiaredo has always taken care of the sustainable aspect of its business model.

The Company follows this mission with a special approach that concerns the acquisition of raw material, the management of company processes and the production of finished products, with special attention to the customer. The environmental commitment found its realization in actions that have been consolidating over time and that are the outcome of a strategic and ever-growing commitment.

ISO 140001 environmental certification

On December 2017, the Company obtained the Environmental Management System pursuant to the international standard ISO 14001.
The certification is a clear image of how the Company has acquired:
– an Environmental Policy aimed at setting goals and commitments to a lifelong improvement of the environmental performance;
– an organization aimed at managing its own activities to monitor the environmental footprint connected to such activities with the goal of reducing them and preventing possibile issues;
– a goal to improve the environmental performance through the active participation of all the stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers).

A.Qu.A seal

Thanks to the seal A.Qu.A., Venchiaredo commits to ensuring a quality guarantee for its products, embracing the whole production chain, from the provision of raw material to the production of the finished product: visible, certified and guaranteed by Friuli Venezia Giulia. A.Qu.A. includes a sustainable approach leading to an improved attention towards the environment and the animal welfare, the quality features of the finished product, the adoption of production practises aimed at improving the production territory and at reducing the overall production footprint for the welfare of the whole ecosystem.

Energy conservation

When dealing with energy and energy efficiency issues, VENCHIAREDO commits to give its contribution to fight climate change. For this reason the Company has been concentrating on carefully monitoring the energy consumption to reduce the waste of energy.
From October 2017, VENCHIAREDO has introduced a natural gas cogeneration equipment (635 Kw), which is able to cover, when fully working, almost 90% of the power need of the plant, including the production of hot water and steam that feed the plant where the thermal processes are involved. The equipment enables to cut down around 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually and a yearly saving of 450 tons of oil equivalent (toe).

Waste recovery

VENCHIAREDO has been promoting, when possible, the reduction in the production of waste and the recovery and reusing of the produced waste. Some concrete examples of such principles are the choice, in the designing step, of packaging with internal tubs that are 100% recyclable and the careful and scrupulous separate collection of waste on its plants to reuse the majority of the produced waste.

Open & Close Pack

The original “Open&Close” pack is an important innovation in terms of avoiding food waste, since it enables a correct yet simple product conservation once the packaging is open, avoiding useless waste. This issue is at heart of a nation like Italy, where the exchange value of the substitute goods that become waste (because they are not consumed) is 1% of the GDP and this leads to high economic, social and environmental costs.

Biological filter

VENCHIAREDO plant is equipped with a modern biological filter where the sewage of the production is piped. The filtering process generates:
– purified water, whose dumping limits are, according to some parameters, more restrictive to those meeting the environmental regulations, in order to grant a higher protection of the surrounding water streams;
– purification muds that are used in agriculture.

Biological certification

The care for environmental sustainability is manifest in the product line, which is characterised by the certification of origin from organic farming.

Territory maintenance

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, VENCHIAREDO has become promoter of a project to protect its surrounding territory, financing maintenance works of the literary park “Ippolito Nievo” – Venchiaredo Fountain.

Sustainability budget

Sustainability budget
On the 50th anniversary of the company, it developed a Sustainability Budget, an excellence tool to represent our identity through the three pillars that are fundamental for our future: production chain, sustainability, efficiency.

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