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Venchiaredo, the expert of Private Lables We strengthen your brand with the value of our know-how

Since 1990, Venchiaredo has been the partner of choice for some of the most important large distribution chains and today it is an expert on the market, thanks to the following key strengths:

Guarantee of food safety

The rigorous management of production processes ensures the maximum food safety – scrupulous quality controls, at every stage of the production process, grant the safety of the product. Our quality control process focuses on sampling at all stages of the production process on a daily basis.

Guarantee of consistency in product quality

The modern and automated plant ensures the highest and most rigorous qualitative standards. The quality and consistency of the product are guaranteed by a knowledgeable combination of innovation, driven by the use of modern production facilities, together with tradition, the result of over 45 years of experience in the sector.

Wide range of products

The passion and the desire to offer new soft cheese solutions have led us to develop a wide range of products, suitable for meeting every need.

Guarantee of fulfilment of orders in terms of delivery time and required quantity

The advanced order cycle management system and the high production capacity of the plant allow us to guarantee deliveries of the product within the deadlines required by the customer, while also being able to satisfy considerable peaks in orders.

High production and logistics flexibility

Streamlined, prepared and flexible internal organisation, together with a cleverly designed production process, are the elements that ensure great flexibility. The logistics flexibility is ensured thanks to qualified transport experts able to schedule deliveries throughout the country, providing safety and professionalism.

Excellence in the provided service

The outcome of many years of experience working for third parties, of carefully trained personnel in customer service and of a special focus and rigour in managing the brand of the distributor as if it were our very own: this is our excellence.

Effective support from product development to after-sales services

On a daily basis, a team of dynamic and well-trained professionals offers our customers the important know-how developed thanks to many years of experience, with the goal of meeting even the most demanding customer requirements.

types of product available.

  • Stracchino Fior di Crema (cream based)
  • Stracchino Cremoso (creamy)
  • Stracchino Cremoso A.Qu.A. (creamy)
  • Stracchino Classico (classic)
  • Stracchino Convenienza (convenience pack)
  • Stracchino Biologico (organic)
  • Stracchino allo Yogurt (yoghurt based)
  • Stracchino Light
  • Stracchino Senza Lattosio (lactose free)
  • Stracchino Alta Qualità (high quality)

Available sizes.
60g; 90g; 100g; 100g x 2; 160g; 165g; 170g; 180g; 200g; 200g x 2; 250g; 320g; 340g; 350g; 500g; 1000g
3000g; 5000g; 400kg.

Available packaging.

  • Neutral tray + customised flow pack
  • Neutral first-layer packaging + customised flow pack
  • First and second layer of packaging carried out by hand
  • Heat-sealed tray


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