the farms: Venchiaredo cooperative.
The Company owes its success to the close collaboration with the Venchiaredo Cooperative of Milk Producers, which grants a unique product in terms of taste and qualitative characteristics.

Since the beginning, Venchiaredo has been implementing a company policy focused on attaining high standards in terms of quality of the raw material, its business strength. Great attention is devoted to the search and selection of livestock, which must always meet strict quality protocols.
From the production of milk, organised in a cooperative structure with an average daily contribution of approximately 70,000 litres, to the industrial processing of the product, the Venchiaredo production chain spreads entirely on the territory of Friuli Venezia Giulia. A region with a deeply rooted agricultural vocation, proudly tied to a heritage of centuries-old traditions and ancient history, you can find evidence of this everywhere.

The Venchiaredo Cooperative counts on approximately 54 members located primarily in the provinces of Pordenone and Udine. In their barns, the Italian “Red Spotted” cattle breed is particularly widespread, traditionally bred in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Such breed is well known for the qualitative yield of the milk, whose quality is closely tied to the high quality of the corn and fodder produced mainly on local farms.
The requirements concerning raw materials are regulated by strict supply specifications, which all Venchiaredo S.p.A. suppliers shall meet, thus consolidating the Company’s commitment in pursuing objectives focused on quality and on the safety of the products obtained. All milk processed is subjected to strict daily checks, both at the premises of each supplier, and at the time of delivery to the plant. To carry out such activities, the Company relies on a network of laboratories (in-house, as well as external to the plant), equipped with the most advanced analytical equipment.

The dairy agriculture cooperative Venchiaredo is the starting point of our 50-year-long history.

The founding partners decided to join the dairies of the area in one single reality to produce cheese and to be able to meet the new needs of the market on the territory.

Such idea led to a strong commercial growth and the attainment of important markets that, over time, enabled the cooperative to increase the quantity of produced milk.

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